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Intersections of Life ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb

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My evolving awareness is that life is a creation of Consciousness, and we *are* that Consciousness. It’s not accurate to say it’s an illusion but it’s a manifestation of our focus as Consciousness.

I use the term ‘hologram’ for this world, which isn’t entirely accurate but then language cannot begin to describe the process of going from our infinite vastness into the density of form.

I also describe life in this world as a game, because to Consciousness, it is a kind of full immersion ‘virtual reality’ experience.

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There are lots of ways to play this game, and there’s no good or bad way to participate. You can dive in, completely unconscious, and feel tossed and turned by it. At this level you experience physical reality at it’s most dense. In order to create you have to use a lot of effort and it takes a lot of time.

Another way to play is with some awareness, in the realm of thought and law of attraction. This takes less effort and feels more playful, as you use visualization and repetition (and vision boards and pink balloons) to make your ideas become real.

Yet when you’re playing fully as Consciousness all the old rules go out the window. You have no need to try to manifest anything. You know that You are creating all of this as Consciousness, down to the smallest detail. You just show up fully in the present moment and respond to what is.

In fact there’s no need to make anything happen in the hologram, because there’s an infinite number of holograms with an infinite number of possibilities and outcomes. You just shift yourself to where the reality is unfolding in your favor.

However, even if you choose to play fully as Consciousness, it doesn’t mean everything is just ducky.

If ever there was a time I wanted to change, fix, or manipulate the hologram, last month was it. The house we were living in had mold, and I’d been able to ignore it since turning off the furnace in Spring, but knew that come September there’d be problems again.

Life flows forward like cars in traffic and if you don’t make conscious choices, eventually you’ll feel that you’re forced into them. You’re not really forced into anything, but if you’re driving without your hands on the wheel… or with your eyes closed…

What I observed happening over the previous month was possibilities arising and stepping towards each one. Reality reorganized around that possibility and I had the opportunity to check it out in body. Then it would shift to a different scenario as I became clear about my preferences.

What ultimately unfolded is perfect but completely different than I originally thought I’d wanted. When you play as Consciousness what shows up is beyond what you could possibly imagine and the house we’re in now certainly is that.

While writing this blog post, I came across an illustration of the intersections of Seattle by Peter Gorman. When he first moved to Seattle, a friend told him that Seattle’s layout is easy to understand. “It’s all a grid,” she said, “until it’s not.”
It’s a perfect one-dimensional rendering of Seattle’s three-dimensional intersections. Life has such intersections, just on a multidimensional level.
This game is infinitely complex. You come to places in your life’s journey that are more complicated than mere crossroads. There are multiple possible options. In form you can only experience one option at a time. The good news is that there are no mistakes, as Consciousness you’re running and experiencing all the options instantaneously and simultaneously.
Play it any way you feel moved to play it. And, if you choose to play it as Consciousness, it will start unfolding in surprising, sometimes bizarre, and sometimes delightful ways!
*Prints of Gorman’s map, along with maps of other cities, including Cambridge, Portland, and Manhattan, are for sale on the Barely Maps Etsy shop. Intersections of Seattle Minimalist Map Print [Etsy]

Operating as Consciousness in Body

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Someone asked me what specific techniques would be useful to create a desired outcome for navigating as Consciousness.

Techniques don’t matter as much as perspective. If you’re trying to change, fix, or manipulate the outcome, you’re not operating as Consciousness.

If you feel like outer circumstances *need* changing, fixing, or manipulating, you’re not operating as Consciousness.

If you feel like someone or something has more power than you, you’re not operating as Consciousness.

As Consciousness, you are creating this reality. Including things seeming to need fixing, changing or manipulating. Even the aspect of you that feels powerless in the moment.

What if I feel like someone or something has more information than I do? What if I don’t know how to do something?

As Consciousness, you are Infinite Intelligence, you *are* the Cosmic Internet, with all information available to you at any moment.

However you’ve created a body/personality with limitations, which doesn’t have all that information in it’s hard drive.

You’ve created other people and things in your reality with that information.

The power issue is a little different because it’s where you place your Source. Others in your reality are not your Source. Bosses, banks, and governments are not your source.

Money isn’t your source. It’s an expression of appreciation in this physical reality.

When you internalize this, and internalize that *you* are Consciousness creating all this, it creates an enormous shift in your reality.

Nothing daunts you any more. Infinite possibilities become available to you.You are free to play and choose from all options.

You feel free to express appreciation for information or support, because you’ve created that information or support or person, place, thing, in your reality.

Consciousness Techniques work when you use them as Consciousness. When you use them as body personality, they’ll be as flawed as Law of Attraction is when you’re coming from a place of lack.

When you’re operating as Consciousness, you can make up your own techniques and they’ll work for you.

If you’re not operating as Consciousness then no amount of techniques are going to get you then. Even a glimmer of Consciousness manifests miracles.

I’ve created mentors and teachers in my reality, but they are not my Source. They are other aspects of Consciousness. I value their experience and information, but doing it exactly their way isn’t going to work for me. I have to own it for myself, which may mean upgrading or adjusting it to resonate with me as Consciousness, for anything to work.

I have mentees, students and clients in my reality, but I am not their Source. I am a creation of Consciousness by them. I see my main role is to validate them *as* Consciousness and not their personality.

I also happen to have valuable experience, information, and techniques that may be useful, but only if they own it as Consciousness.

When you move through this world as Consciousness, when you own this world as your Creation, it completely transforms your reality.

Life becomes effortless and fun.

I just spent four weeks manifesting a house. When I first started, I wanted one just like the one I’m in (a 1905 Craftsman, in the historic Proctor District of Tacoma). It was fascinating to watch the creation reorganize, and go through different possibilities before it finalized in a 1956 ‘Mid Century Modern’, surrounded by trees, in a quiet suburb next to a golf course.

My mind would not have intended this. But it is unfolding perfectly in my favor. And I had been saying that a part of me yearns to go back to being a “Mystic In the Woods” as I was for many years on Vashon Island. I realized today that maybe this might be an aspect of this new creation.

When I operate as Consciousness, what gets created is beyond my wildest imagination.

Try this for yourself and see what happens!

Manifesting In The New Consciousness

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Manifesting In The New Consciousness ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I recently created a scenario which seemed to require conscious manifesting. In the old days I would have written about it, vision boarded it, affirmed it, put it in a pink balloon, two pointed to where ever it already exists, and, yes, stepped through doors to parallel universes where it’s already happening.

Because yeah, man, I’m an expert and I already know this stuff.

And I didn’t do any of those things. I created something that afternoon that wasn’t quite the thing. I sat with it, and watched other possibilities unfold. This required interacting with others in my storyline, and dances with relationships.

It was (and is) very interesting to see what is coming into form. And very interesting to see my discomfort with not being entirely in control of the creation.

It’s still not fully in form. The agreements are still being drawn up. And Mercury is going retrograde on Saturday!

But something bigger is unfolding, beyond what I can imagine, and a part of me is excited to be stepping into the unknown, to having something more that what my mind wants to design.

There’s so much potential for drama and disagreements. And yet all that dissipates when I don’t resist what is.

Manifesting in the new Consciousness is the opposite of how it was before. It isn’t about changing, fixing, or manipulating the circumstances. It’s not about claiming power and declaring it to the Universe. It’s not about specifics and time limits.

All of that was Ego/Personality/Mind wanting to control the outcome. The part that is fearful, the part that feels powerless, the part that is based in survival.

Consciousness is creating all of this. You are Consciousness. You’re creating all of this. All possibilities exist within this creation. You are dancing between possibilities.

It’s all good, because as Consciousness, you love your creations, you love your Self that is playing in this field of reality.

Playing this way you totally know it’s a benevolent You-niverse. Wherever you fall, you are being caught.

There are no mistakes, because all possibilities are running simultaneously and you chose this one in the moment. Things can transform themselves, when you play at this level, when you expand to a different outcome.

Manifesting in the new Consciousness is about creating, not control. This is a playground, we are here to create, it’s all about creating and being creative.

As Consciousness you are benignly neutral. There’s no good or bad to what you create. If you manifest disasters, it’s equally as creative as manifesting miracles. If you want to create something different it’s a very subtle shift in direction.

It’s incredibly freeing to let go of control, and to go forward completely improvising as things come up.

Creating as Consciousness allows you to manifest beyond your wildest imagination.