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Mystic Minute: Rising Above

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Mystic Musings: What Does The Consciousness Shift Feel or Look Like?

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What Does The Consciousness Shift Feel or Look Like? ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

On December 21st, 2012, there was supposed to be a dynamic evolutionary event. A disaster movie was made about it. People said that not everybody was going to survive it. Even I was saying, back then, that everyone was going to be changed. But we all woke up on December 22nd, 2012, and everything seemed the same.

Now, I’m still talking about the Consciousness shift, that everyone is going through it, just that people are using different words to describe it. People are experiencing it in their own unique ways.

What happened back in 2012 was a shift, beyond the Mayan Calendar moving into a new 5,000 year cycle. Everything seemed the same, because the hologram isn’t fundamentally different. But we did go through an “upgrade”, and actually the internal design continues to change.

Consciousness Shifts don’t necessarily happen overnight, unless you’re Byron Katie or Eckart Tolle. And they don’t necessarily look like instant enlightenment. Although they can.

Everyone has their own timing. The Shift that I experienced happened in 2006, over about a year or two. And it hasn’t stopped.

For me it is an evolution. 2006 was a very difficult period, since all my beliefs were turned upside down and inside out. But, honestly, if I look back over my life, there’s been upheavals and paradigm shifts every few years.  However, 2006 accelerated me on my path in a very noticeable way.

What does the Consciousness Shift feel or look like? It can look like a breakdown and breakthrough. Your life may fall apart and rebuild. You may lose all hope and sense of purpose, and then your inner world reorganizes. Or it may be exhilarating and exciting. Like you’ve found the missing piece to the puzzle.

You might have greater clarity, more access to your inner knowing. And/or you may dive deep into fighting against things you resist, to dismantle everything that seems to be in the way of your path.

Some people might be very frightened at this time. Because their reality seems to be breaking down. Everything they believed in, even their own identities, who they thought they were, is disintegrating.

We can see that reflected in the outside world by increased aggression,  authoritarianism, dominance. Those are old power games that are impotent in this new reality. Those that felt defined by these measurements, are extremely threatened.

How you’re experiencing it depends on how you perceive reality, and what you hold to be real. If you’re a visual person, the world may be starting to look very different. There may be some days where colors look sharper, things look brighter and more defined. Or it looks like you’re on a movie set like in the Truman show.

I feel things internally, so I’m noticing heightened sensitivity, extreme empathic and telepathic impressions (I’ve tuned in to my family members for years but it’s now 100% more intense). And my inner energy system feels different. Yet again.

When I try to judge what’s happening to me through old filters, I could say I’m being spacey, ungrounded, that I’m not owning my space. But that puts me into a space of effort and resistance (very familiar energies but they don’t feel good nor are they productive).

Whatever is going on for you, it’s most likely part of this Consciousness shift. Validate the changes you’re going through. It’s not happening to you, it’s you embodying your greater Self as Consciousness, and that’s causing a seismic shift in everyone’s reality.

When I accept that the change I’m experiencing is just another part of the shift, it’s less uncomfortable. I can allow to it be different. I’m excited to see how it unfolds. I invite you to do the same!

Mystic Musings: When Growth Gets Messy

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When Growth Gets Messy ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

We’d all like personal growth to be effortless and easy, smelling like spring flowers. It’s not always that way.  Growth can get messy. Even when it’s something that we want, the precursor to, or the fallout from, the change can be really messy.

When we have a something we want to manifest, whether it’s a material thing, a relationship, or a condition change, to Consciousness it already exists. We just have to shift ourselves to that reality. But sometimes that shift is seismic.

It’s going to look so much better when you’re done

I’m reminded of a woman I met who’d lost over 200lbs. Now, 200lbs is like dropping an entire human being out of your space. I asked her what contributed to her success and she shared that she’d done a lot of emotional work prior to the weight loss. That EFT had helped her work on core inner issues that supported external results.

I’ve had several times in my life where I called in enormous transformation, only to see my currently life razed to the ground before a new reality became established. Each time, it revealed flaws in my foundation. Let me correct that, *sometimes* there were flaws that came to light.  Other times it was just that a new operating system was installed and all my old programs didn’t work any more.

(Now, if you’re going through a huge paradigm alteration, often the response to such growth can also feel “blah” or a weird sort of apathy. When you expand as Consciousness then all your old measures of success disappear. You no longer desire the material things you once thought were necessary. You lose that urge to compulsively fill empty needs. Satisfaction can seem boring. )

Messiness can look like a divorce, an illness, or big emotional reactions.

How you respond to this mess depends on whether you’re experiencing it as your body personality or as Consciousness. If you’re reacting as your body personality, you’re going to go through it kicking and screaming. I know, there were times in my past when I’d drive and scream at the top of my lungs, it was so painful.

If you’re responding as Consciousness, you might actually feel excited. You may be amused. You feel empowered and invigorated. You know that You, as Consciousness, are coming more into form. You are occupying your body space more fully.

You know you’re going through a life renovation or remodel. It’s possible to do this without getting divorced or sick. When you do this as Consciousness, you can create your loved one’s coming along for the ride.

I experienced this kind of remodel over a period from 2010-2013. My business was earning more than I’d ever had before, but my marriage was filled with conflict. Then my mother came down with Alzheimers and I left Seattle to go Washington DC for what I thought was a few months, to help her move. I ended up there for two years to help her die. My husband joined us after a year, and going through that ordeal brought us closer.

The relationship I have now is one I never imagined possible. We are more in love now than ever before. We have a prosperous life together. And my work has expanded to areas I’d never dreamed of.

You may be in the mess of your own Consciousness remodel. You can change your experience by shifting your awareness to viewing it as You as greater Consciousness.

As Consciousness you know the bigger picture. When you go through your growth experience as Consciousness, it actually is comforting to your body personality. As much as your analytical mind wants to control the show, it’s relieved that you as Consciousness are driving the bus.