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Accessing Unseen Help (For Your Life, Health & Business)

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For Your Life, Health and Business

You are not alone! Unseen support is available to help you transform your life, health, and business! Learn to effortlessly connect and receive communication from your ‘invisible friends’!

Additional bonus: If you’ve worked with guides, guardian angels, spirit guides in the past, receive an ‘upgrade’ for more effective interaction in today’s higher frequencies!


Why Access Unseen Help? (actual results)

In Life – support during divorce, achieving ‘bucket list’ life goals, changing careers

In Health – healed dental cavities (!), shrunk tumors, helped with depression

In Business – boosted sales & clients, grew business to million dollar + revenue

Unseen Help can help YOU in any area you want or need!



Joan will be talking about Accessing Unseen Help For Your Life, Health and Business,

phone in to get a reading from her on the air and for a new online course!

WHEN: Tuesday, May 29th, 2:00pm Pacific, 5pm Eastern

WHERE: On line at TheTransformationShow.com

Rev. Joan M. Newcomb, CPC is an international Conscious Mastery Coach, Energy Teacher, & Radio Show Host. She’s helped people access the power of their own Inner Wisdom for 30+ yrs.

Mystic Musings: Working With The Unseen (Old Ways Become New Again)

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Working With The Unseen (Old Ways Become New Again) ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Every couple of years (or faster, it seems nowadays), I go through a consciousness shift, and my techniques go through an “upgrade”. I struggle for a bit, as old ways stop working, until I relax into whatever the new “operating system” appears to be.

Recently, I was on a conference call for a marketing course I’ve been taking, led by Robert Scheinfeld who is the author of “Busting Loose From The Money Game”. When I asked him a question on being frustrated with an aspect of my business, he suggested that I talk to my guides about it.

Now, I thought I’d stopped talking to guides a long time ago. After I’d upgraded them and we stopped having ‘staff meetings’ when they became electrons. My first reaction was, “oh, that’s such ‘old paradigm’!”

Then I realized, I communicate with the unseen all the time, I just don’t slow down enough to put it on paper. What would it be like if I tried “staff meetings” again with the deva of my business? Would it even work?

I decided to try a coning, which is an energy configuration that I used for many years, with great success. It starts by focusing as Consciousness and connecting with the deva of my business (I actually have several businesses, but in this case I just chose an overarching Deva, without specifically defining what it was). And then connecting with Pan as a representative of Nature, the aspect of bringing the devic information into form. And I connect with my ‘team’ which can be any number of unseen helpers (this time I asked for tech help, publicity, copywriting, and some others).

It was really interesting. I never really paid attention to Pan but in this case I got a *very* strong energetic perception of a big, barrel chested and full bearded, seemingly male presence, who *really* wanted me to open a bottle of wine and have some fun. I moved on to brief communication with the Deva and the team, basically me requesting inspiration and information. It ended fairly quickly. I don’t even remember what I wrote. It’s on my iPad somewhere.

But right after that I got a call from a client from nearly 10 years ago requesting an hour long energy healing. I stopped doing them a while ago as my focus has shifted to teaching people to transforming themselves. I’ve also stopped doing hour long calls, when my rates went up. 30 minute calls deliver the same amount of transformation more efficiently. But, what the heck, so I did it.

Including that session, I unexpectedly earned nearly $1000 in the week after I did that first coning.

I’ve had a couple “staff meetings” since then, really disappointed that I’m not sensing Pan the way I originally felt. They’re very brief, and I don’t really recall anything hugely inspirational coming from them.

And then, out of the blue, I got an email inviting me to a telesummit at the end of May. Sure, why not, I thought, I can recycle the offer I used for a telesummit I did last year. But it turns out this telesummit is focusing on Health, Miraculous Healings and Prevention of Diseases, a completely different topic.

Hmm. So then I give the woman in charge who will be interviewing me a sample session and chat briefly about a possible product. And while we talked, something clicked that what I’m offering will be seeds for the next level of my online courses.

See, I’ve been offering the same course for the last two years, primarily as a private coaching package and sometimes to small groups. But I’ve been so busy that when people complete, I haven’t been able to give them something beyond that beginner course.

And here’s the thing – it’s going to be an upgraded version of Accessing Unseen Help in your Life, Health and Business.

So now I’m really excited, busily producing the content for the Telesummit, which will be at a *radically discounted* rate from what the final investment for the full course will be. Stay tuned for details.

And yesterday it hit me. Accessing Unseen Help arose the moment I started doing these staff meetings again.

Ha, ha, ha.

Those guys are so crafty.

The Consciousness Shift on Transformation To Joy Telesummit

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Hear Me Live on Transformation to Joy on Tuesday, July 11th 1pm PST, 4pm EST The Consciousness Shift: What’s Really Happening And How To Enjoy The Ride!
I am so excited to share that on Tuesday, July 11th 1pm PST, 4pm EST I will be live with Shashi Langham on the Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit to talk about The Consciousness Shift: What’s Really Happening And How To Enjoy The Ride!
Shashi believes that when you Choose JOY – Then Everything and Anything is Possible! When you live, breathe and create from that perspective then you can Transform Your Life, from the Inside Out!
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Tune in to discover how you can easily and effortlessly navigate life as Consciousness and Create Your Reality Better Than You Can Imagine!
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Just for signing up, you will receive an Activation Kit of FREE Downloads, to help you start Living in More Joy:
#1 Transformation To Joy, ManTarA – Align more fully with the vibration of Love so more Joy can come into your life.
#2 Align in Joy, Kim Regnitz – Align in Joy with this Holographic Journey and Sound Activation Codes.
#3 Father, Mother, & Child Meditation, Justice Bartlett – Heal Your Issues With Your Earthly Parents and get Connected to Source.
#4 Heart Abundance Meditation, Brenda Lainof:  Create More of What you Desire From Your Heartspace.  

#5 Connecting From the Heartspace, Sandra Pelley –  Heartspace and Empowerment Meditation Group Process.

#6 Planting the Seeds of Opportunity, Gloria Shaw –  Plant What you to Have in Your Heartspace Group Process.

#7 Message From Robin Williams From the Other Side, Judy Cali –  Part of the Group Process on the Prayer of the Saints Live call.

#8 February 16th Full Live Call Recording, Karen Lagrange –  Crystal Matrix Tool and Custom Pyramids.

#9 March 20th  Full Live Call Recording, Cynthia Charis –  The Power of the Ascended Feminine.  
(Caution: Do not listen to these calls if you are driving or using machinery.)
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In Love, In Joy & In Gratitude For You!
Rev. Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Transformation To Joy – Global Telesummit

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Transformation To Joy – Global Telesummit

Join me and Other and Other Life Changing Experts To Transform Your Life from the Inside Out!

begins Monday June 19th – ends Thursday, August 17th

Broadcast LIVE at 4pm EST, 1pm PST (8pm BST) on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. REPLAYS of the Daily calls will be available for 48 hours and at Weekends.

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The live radio show style calls will be content packed, and YOU will have the opportunity to raise your hand and have your questions answered or issues addressed.  This will be YOUR chance to go deeper with the speakers and experience what these innovative healers can do for YOU!  

I am so excited to be one of the awesome 24 plus, new-thought leaders, masters, teachers and transformation change agents~ Click Here to listen to Joan’s *live* broadcast on TUESDAY, JULY 11TH, 1pm PST, 4pm EST, 8pm BST

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