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Mystic Musings: Shining Light On Obstacles

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Shining Light on Obstacles ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Someone said to me that an obstacle is just something requiring more light. It reminds me of trying to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. We stumble over our shoes and run into open drawers. When there’s enough light, we can see our way without hurting ourselves.

When there’s enough light, obstacles don’t seem so big or impossible. They remind us to put our shoes away and close drawers.

Shining light on obstacles can reshape them into stepping stones instead. Perhaps the stumbling blocks at work are directing you towards a different career.

Why on earth would we cling to an obstacle, instead of letting it go? Because it feels familiar.  We’ll stay crouched behind it, no matter how uncomfortable we are, not daring to peer beyond. It’s scary out there!

Or, we may be afraid of moving past the obstacle because we imagine everything else in our lives that we value may get lost in the process.

Obstacles aren’t always something to destroy. In relationships, perhaps they’re an opportunity to become more honest, to go deeper and expand emotionally.

In order to overcome our obstacles we need to shine light on them, to see them clearly for what they are.

If you view this life as a full immersion virtual reality game, you can see obstacles as temporary setbacks that lead to more awareness. The process of changing them shifts you to a new level of Consciousness.

Nothing is ever truly stuck, and no obstacle is insurmountable. Some may have kept you paralyzed for years, some may be truly overwhelming. But the world is full of stories of people overcoming incredible odds, healing from fatal illnesses, rebuilding their lives after losing everything.

This is a realm of stories. When you can lean into the obstacle, shine the light of Presence upon it, the story changes.

But it’s how you view this amusement park of experiences that helps you transmute it. If you see yourself as just a character, then you’ll feel at the mercy of other things. You’ll have a limited amount of choices to make changes.

In trying to be the writer of your story, you’ll have limited success. You can bring changes through the realm of thoughts but there will always be glitches or loopholes due to all the unconscious thoughts we have.

If you view yourself as the director, you’ll feel more in charge, but you’ll also want to control the scenery and other actors.

When you realize that you are the Consciousness that is creating all of this, reality begins to reorganize. There’s no need to change, fix, or manipulate the storyline. Obstacles become something to delight in, fun challenges to play with.

As Consciousness, you *are* the light that is shining in the world. You bring your Presence into everything.

Shine your own Light on obstacles, and watch them magically transform.

Radio Show Podcast 1/24/18 “Consciousness And The Hidden Within”

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Blog: Even In Darkness, There Is Always Light

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©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

We just had the Winter Solstice, in the Northern Hemisphere the shortest day of the year. It means that now the days will start being longer. I find it ironic that it’s also the coldest time and with the worse weather.

And as I think about it, the Summer Solstice means the days are starting to get shorter, but August always is the warmest month and the evenings seem to go on forever.

This planet is full of dichotomies.

From an external perspective, Winter is when nature seems to go dormant. The ground is hard, trees have gone bare of leaves. And yet, below the surface, nature is very much alive. Seeds are germinating, and animals are hibernating with their young.

On an unseen level, Earth’s architects are planning the future growth cycle. Come the Equinox, these plans will be delivered into form and become physically apparent as the seasons change.

Besides the darkest time of the year, it’s often the most painful. Many people pass during the holidays. I personally think this is because the veil between worlds is thinner.

We go through similar evolutions in our lives, and its feels harder when we cannot see what is coming. We feel like we’re in a time of increasing darkness that is never going to end.

And yet, even in darkness, there is always light. It may be that, with all that is happening, we can’t feel it.

No matter what is going on in your life, whatever is occuring in your storyline, there is always reason to hope.

It does get better.

Above the worst blizzard, the sun is still shining.