Six Weeks to Transformation begins Sept 5th

It’s time to break through your limitations, step up to the plate, seize the day. Take your learning to the next level. You will gain skill in ways to navigate consciousness not being taught anywhere else. These are unique Consciousness techniques!

This stuff is subtle but profound. People have created miracles in their lives from attending one meetup and learning *one* technique. Imagine having a dozen in your of them in transformational toolbelt!! Imagine navigating this new reality with skill and wonder and amusement!

People have had significant results created by using these techniques ~ marriage miraculously improved, workplace conflict unexpectedly resolved, travel snafu magically reversed, financial windfalls, disease regression, and more!

Six Weeks To Transformation is an online Master Class in Consciousness. You can be anywhere in the world and join us. It is the perfect combination of individual coaching *and* live group experience *and* online video training.

Don’t miss out!

Six Weeks To Transformation begins *next* Tuesday!! Here’s how to join:
Fill out and email this enrollment form, go here to talk with me BEFORE Friday, August 25th

I hope you will join me!

Your Exclusive Invitation:

Consciousness Master Class ~6 Weeks To Transformation

Group Coaching Program with Joan M. Newcomb, CPC


Welcome to Consciousness Master Class ~ 6 Weeks To Transformation! I’m thrilled you are called to find out more about the advanced and exclusive Six Weeks to Transformation Group Coaching Program!

What is Consciousness Master Class – Six Weeks to Transformation?

Then this Group Coaching program is for you!

Consciousness Master Class – Six Weeks to Transformation helps you:

Why did I create Consciousness Master Class – Six Weeks to Transformation Group Coaching Program ?

We aren’t personalities seeking greater spirituality, but Consciousness expressing itself in physical form.  You may be sensing new and inexplicable experiences of expansion. Your old world is crumbling away yet you feel unprepared what’s coming next. Old personal growth and spiritual techniques are no longer working.

I created this program so I can help give you solid support in breaking through to your next level of evolution.

It’s essential to have a mentor who has walked the path and can help you stay true to who you are becoming as old patterns are breaking down and going away. I am committed to holding the space for you to bring your vision into reality!

Timing is everything. How long have you waited? How long are you willing to wait?

How can you be accepted into the Consciousness Master Class – Six Weeks to Transformation Group Coaching Program?

  1. Please read this entire letter so that you are clear as to how you’ll benefit from this transformational program. (If you have a spouse or business partner who will be supporting you in your decision, please share this letter with them as well.)
  2. Complete the application below and send it to our team, indicating your sincere interest in being considered for the program. Scan & email to [email protected].
  3. Schedule a time to have a personal conversation via telephone. Use this link

Consciousness Master Class – Six Weeks to Transformation is a 6 weeks Online Coaching Program.  Enrollment is strictly limited. If  you’re feeling that gentle nudge from your inner wisdom that this might be right for you, I urge you to complete the application and return it to me right away.

Completing your application does NOT commit you to the program. It’s just a sincere expression that you would like to be considered for mentorship. I’ll read your application personally and we’ll have a brief conversation to see if the program is right for you.

I am being extremely selective about the clients I accept into this Group Coaching program. You will ONLY be offered a spot in the program if it’s a perfect fit. Go through the application (at the bottom of this document) and answer the questions and you will know if you are ready for this step. (Many people say the just filling out the application is a transformative experience)!

Manifestations remain dreams until action is taken. Your first step is filling out your application  – I can’t wait to read it!

Infinite appreciations,

Joan Newcomb, CPC

Are You Ready To Transform Your Life?

In this program, you’ll receive my best techniques and training to discover (or rediscover) who you essentially are and why you are here, and Coaching to put your discovery into action.  You’ll upgrade your old techniques and energy system, going from dialup to wifi, from SD to HD! You’ll receive tools to create transformation in all aspects of your life.

Along the way, you’ll receive a high degree of accountability, coaching and support so you make powerful decisions and take passionate action towards your vision of success.

Rich Results And Outcomes You’ll Create

Here are just some of the transformations you can expect when you show up powerfully, fully commit to your own personal evolution and immerse yourself in this experience…

Trust Your Decisions No more soul-sucking, energy-draining second guessing! End the confusion, overwhelm, wasted time and wasted money of what to do next.

Move Effortless Through Fear And Doubt You’ll learn life-changing techniques  to help you move quickly through fear so you can stay aligned with your purpose and taking passionate action!

Experience Breakthroughs And “Inner Game” Shifts Your BEING creates your reality! Grow like never before, let go of old beliefs, and be free to create your life exactly as you wish to live it!

Enjoy unconditional support from a powerful mentor who is committed to your growth, excellence and leadership.

Your Consciousness Master Class

6 Weeks To Transformation Group Coaching Program Benefits:

*Discovery and Visioning Session With Joan. You’ll jump start your program with a Discovery session with Joan. In this session, Joan will coach you to a bold vision and specific outcomes for your program and beyond.

*Ongoing Group coaching sessions with Joan.  Purpose And Passion members will benefit from weekly scheduled 90-minute Group coaching calls, focused on helping you implement your trainings and apply it to your life.

*Advanced Consciousness Training. Techniques developed by Joan delivered in step by videos you can watch on demand and replay over and over to truly integrate the information.

*Weekly Accountability Tracking Journal This simple and inspiring monthly check-in journal helps you assess and celebrate what you’ve accomplished and set your intention and goals for the upcoming week. Your journal will be read by Joan personally each week.

*Private completion session with Joan. At the end of the program, you will receive a one-on-one personal coaching session with Joan to celebrate your wins and plan your next steps!

*Priority email access for quick questions and “check in” support during your program

*Recordings of all calls with Joan Newcomb

*Potential Fast Action Bonuses:

***BONUS Manifesting Money and Miracles. You’ll have a different relationship with money, greater clarity with your finances and tools for manifesting more of it! Comes with a Transforming Your Relationship with Money bonus coaching session

***BONUS Meditation Session An .mp3 audio recording to listen to On Demand

Are you the right fit for the Consciousness Master Class – 6 Weeks To Transformation Group Coaching Program ?

Not everyone is called to play a bigger game. Many are content with a modest life, keeping their head low and living on a smaller scale. And for them, that path is right and perfect. But if you know you have a deep inner calling… a big mission… a passionate message and a yearning in her heart to make a lasting difference… it’s simply not enough.

This program is right for you if you truly desire to create a life of purpose and passion! You’re ready to leave waiting, delaying and denying your gifts behind and play full out to create what you want in your life.

You also need to know that I am VERY selective about who I choose to work with. I’ve found that it’s not of service to take on a client who simply isn’t ready to receive this kind of support, or is not willing to take the action required to upgrade their life.

As someone on the verge of this transformation…

You are decisive and are willing to make decisions even when it’s uncomfortable.

√You are committed to being Conscious, playing BIG, and manifesting change.

√You are aware and committed to your own growth.

√You are ready to invest in yourself – in time, energy, attention and money.

√ You are willing to receive feedback and show up powerfully to get the results that you want.

√You are willing to do things differently than you have done before.

√You accept 100% responsibility for your results – no exceptions or excuses

√You are excited about working together towards manifesting your dreams!

It’s a MUST that this program is a fit for both of us. Once I receive your completed application, we’ll have a short interview to make sure that you and I are a perfect fit for each other and that this program is the right decision for you. You will ONLY be offered a spot in the program if it’s a perfect match.  Also, because this program has to be the perfect fit for you, I’ll share the investment in our interview. As you undoubtedly know, this level of support and mentorship requires a deep investment of time, energy, attention and money. It’s these kinds of investments that pull you forward the most – the benefits are priceless!

The Choice Is Clear… And The Next Step Is Simple!

If you see yourself reflected in these words, if this resonates deeply within you, if you’re feeling that gentle tug of Divine guidance that tells you you’re on the threshold of a truly magical transformation… then this is your moment to step forward and claim the life you truly want.

It matters that you take action NOW. And the next step couldn’t be simpler. To be considered for the program, simply complete the application and return it to me. We can then have a phone conversation that will answer all your questions and complete your enrollment into the program.

No matter what, this positive action of filling in the application will be transformative for you. I know you’ll receive at least ONE powerful breakthrough, insight, or awareness about yourself, simply by answering the questions. The next 6 weeks have the power to change your life, but only if you complete your application today. I can’t wait to read your application and connect with you personally!

Infinite appreciations,

Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

About Joan Newcomb 

Joan has coached and mentored hundreds of awakening and conscious beings around the world, empowering them to discover their purpose and passion and be who they are meant to be. Known for bringing advanced energy concepts and techniques into everyday language and practical ‘real world’ application,  Joan delivers simple ways for you to navigate life AS Consciousness.

Joan has developed and led programs, and coached people in their personal growth  for 35 years, most recently Real World Manifesting, Mystic Mentorship, Manifesting Money and Miracles, Inner Power to Create What You Want, Accessing Unseen Help, Consciousness Techniques, and more. Using her systems, Joan’s clients and students have achieved phenomenal results, including building million dollar businesses, living a ‘location free’ lifestyle, and re-creating their careers.

Above all, Joan is passionate about empowering people to create their lives exactly as they wish to live it – on their terms. She and her clients are living examples that you can do what you love and have a rich spiritual life at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much time does this take? The basic structure of the course, coaching calls and viewing the training videos, takes only 2 hours a week. It’s up to you how much time you take to practice and integrate the information.
  2. What kind of results will I get? The results vary with each participant. Depending on how you own and apply the techniques, you will definitely have unexpected benefits and life changing results! Some people have dramatically increased their income, some have transformed their relationships, everyone has experienced a major shift in Consciousness!
  3. How much does this cost? It’s hard to place a value on complete metamorphosis of one’s whole life 🙂 We discuss your investment in the program after you’ve showed your willingness by filling out the form and making the appointment to talk with me in person.
  4. Why can’t I just sign up on the website? This is a highly select, advanced, energetic training. There’s a process for entering into this space. It’s like the initiations into Mystery Schools of the past. You begin the process by saying yes to your own growth and change when you fill out the form. You continue the process by saying yes to talking with me on the phone. You bond your Consciousness and personality by investing in your transformation. You integrate the transformation by committing to being on the calls and watching the trainings and putting what you learn into action.

Print form here


Consciousness Master Class – 6 Weeks To Transformation with Joan Newcomb

“Please accept my application to be accepted for Group Coaching in this exclusive program.”

Today’s Date:



Street Address

City / Town State /Province/Other (Zip)code Country

  1. Please describe your life as it is right now, including your health, relationships, work, home, other activities, etc.


  1. What are your current challenges in these areas?


  1.  What is the cost of NOT overcoming those challenges? Please be specific and focus on what matters to you (relationships, home life, peace of mind, financial success).


  1. What’s the #1 biggest obstacle(s) to solving these challenges? What have you tried, and why didn’t it work?


  1.  What’s your current status (relationship, health, career, finances)?

What were they this time last year? And the year before?


  1. If you are accepted into the program, what are your top 3 visions you want to manifest in our time together?


  1. Who or what do you think is responsible for your current results?


  1. Are you willing to do what it takes, challenge yourself to get OUT of your comfort zone, eliminate excuses and be unstoppable towards your own success?


  1.  Are you currently working with a coach or mentor? Have you worked with coaches or mentors in the past?


  1. If accepted into the program, will you be able to joyfully commit to the investment of time and money? (Joan will share the investment with you in your interview. Be aware that program IS an investment – of time, energy and money. When you invest at this level, allow yourself to receive this level of support and you step up to meet the opportunity, YOU are transformed!)


  1. Do you need to consult a spouse, business partner or other individual before making a commitment to the program? (Note: if yes, please share the invitation with this person before submitting your application.)


  1. Why this program with Joan? Why now? And why are YOU a great candidate?


Thank you!


RETURN your completed application by Friday, August 25th

SCAN & EMAIL to [email protected]

(We can also send this form to you in the body of an email, if that is easier for you. Email [email protected] and let us know)!