Consciousness Master Class

Want to go beyond Parallel Universes?

You’ve been to my meetups, my webinars, read my blogs, watched my videos.  You may have noticed repeated techniques and topics.

That’s because I always have to include newcomers. Folks who’ve never heard of this stuff before. Which means it always stays at a beginners level.

Are you ready for more?

I have created a Consciousness Master Class that takes you more deeply into the Consciousness Techniques I’ve talked about. It’s specifically for folks who’ve followed me for a while and are hungry for more.

I’m holding an Introductory Session, and asking only $10 (as an indicator of willingness and commitment). I’ll share more ways to navigate life *as* Consciousness. If you remember from playing with Parallel Universes, these techniques are very subtle but immensely profound. The introductory session will transform your life in ways you can’t possibly imagine.

Webinar: Thursday, March 23rd, 12pm PT/ 3pm ET   Preregister here
Tacoma: Monday, March 27th 5:30pm Cutter’s Point Coffee 2209 N Pearl St #104, Tacoma, WA 98407
Introductory Session, $10  Prepay here
Seattle: Sunday, April 9th 2:00pm, Phinney Center Room #3 6532 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103
Introductory Session, $10  Prepay here

Introductory Session $10

Enrollment opens Monday, email for more info!