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MYSTIC MUSINGS: Presence And Value

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Mystic Musings: How To Handle All This Darkness

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How to Handle All This Darkness ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Right now we’re in the dark side of the moon, we’re having a new moon eclipse tomorrow. It’s the 3rd of three eclipses that started a month ago. People have been going huge growth spaces. I’m not an astrologer, but I see astrology as an energetic component of the hologram, that is the world we’re creating as Consciousness. It’s like energy weather.  We can use it to our advantage, like wind in our sails.

So eclipses open doors, create sudden new changes, beginnings and endings. But they also ‘eclipse things’, which sometimes means shining light hidden things but also means not everything is fully revealed. Change can be initiated that doesn’t become fully clear for a month to six months.

So we’re going through dark times, some of us are fumbling around, many of us are frustrated that there isn’t enough light yet. Especially those of us who are light bringers and healers, who want to illuminate, enlighten, clear, and restore to wholeness.

I have to confess, I’m still a little afraid of the dark. But that’s because I sense denser energies as I move through it. In my last house, which was built in 1905, I always felt energy just outside the bedroom door (which made it real fun to go to the bathroom at night).

In my current house, which was built in 1956, the family that lived in it 60+ years has had at least two members that have passed. So I’ll feel the presence of one in our hallway (most likely the one who passed most recently). I’ve just learned to walk through it without resisting.

In the old days, I’d do an exorcism. In recent times, I’ve just been navigating around it. But it occurs to me to do a different kind of energy work, a kind of house blessing, which brings it into present time. It gently releases energies absorbed from the past and assists them to their next level of evolution.

And that so ties in with what is going on in the world today. Darkness is coming out of the woodwork, as increasing light of Consciousness is coming into physical form. It feels more intense as it is being seen more clearly.
It feels like historical patterns, that no longer fit in our current state of evolution. It’s bubbling up from our unconscious, and playing out by unconscious people.
When I am in the present moment, the past ceases to exist, it goes away.
You can do this for yourself, very simply, by bringing yourself into Present Time. Bring your focus into the present moment. Imagine bring it back from all other places in that you’ve had your attention on, throughout time and space. What you may notice is sensations within you, and sounds around you, become more acute or clear as you’re fully present to notice them.
You can also do this by creating a focal point of Consciousness within you, wherever you place as your center. This is you bringing your full light into the present moment, which can effortlessly release all non-presences within you.
Do this whenever you think of it, and notice how it changes your perception. It will have a ripple effect out into the rest of your reality as well.
Try this for the next seven days and see what happens!

Mystic Musings: In The Present Moment, There Is No Story

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In The Present Moment There, Is No Story ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I often feel like I’m the keeper of family secrets. Things I’ve seen or heard, witnessed that others haven’t. If I’m the only one who knows or remembers, does it make it real?

A few years ago I helped someone die at home. After helping my mother pass, I kinda sorta knew what I was stepping into, or so I thought.

It was a completely different experience.

Now, deaths are like births, everyone creates their own unique circumstances,whether they’re exiting the body or entering it. People gather for the event, that is they come into their lives (or come into their lives again) wittingly or unwittingly.

My mother’s passing was peaceful. I lay in bed beside her for 21 days giving her sips of water, as she birthed herself back to Spirit.

The other experience was chaotic. Their spouse was angry at them for dying, and enraged it was happening at home. They refused to give them pain medication, and in the last few days hospice assigned me to do so otherwise the person would have had to go to hospital.

Yet we were able to arrange family to Skype, or to show up, in those last few days, before they finally were able to leave.

Things got even more intense after their passing. And after I came home, I started having post traumatic stress symptoms – “startle” reflexes that took a long time to subside. And I would awake in the middle of the night replaying the story of the wrongs that had been done, over and over again, how I have scanned documents as proof, etc.

Now, that was over four years ago, but last week the startle reflexes came up out of the blue. I wondered if it had something to do with the holiday (the veils are thinner between worlds at such times).

And recently I had an email that entered me into that world again. And I had a really horrible sleepless night revisiting the experiences of the past.

Now I have no idea what the story has been on that side of things since all that happened. But I do sense that people are in still great grief, and that is sad.

It’s my story about the past that can still cause me pain. What injustices were done, what inconsiderations, what people did or did not do. But none of that is real now.

In the present moment there is no story. There is nothing going on but what is happening now. Now, I’m in my living room as I’m typing this. The clock is ticking. There is trickling water from the fish tank. Outside my windows there are hundred foot tall Douglas firs standing as silent guardians.

In the present moment I am restored to Consciousness. There is clarity, there is light, there is simplicity. It is an enormous feeling of Presence. I breathe, and release, knowing that it’s a benevolent Universe and all is very, very well.

Mystic Musings: Fearlessness

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Fearlessness ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

What would you do, if you weren’t afraid to do it? Who would you be if you weren’t afraid of what others would think?

Fear is a tricky thing, it masquerades as anger, vagueness, sleepiness, or even perfectionism. What it does, however, is keep us frozen, stuck, or spinning our wheels.

I never acknowledged feeling fearful until I was about 40, and if you look at my younger life, some of the things I did were incredibly brave. But it wasn’t until later in life, as a parent with children dependent on me for their own survival, that I acknowledged feeling fear.

It’s amazing what we do out of fear, we run from relationships or we rush into them. We leave jobs, or we stay in them too long. Or we rage, which gives the energy not to be paralyzed, a “deer in headlights”, but often ends up destroying that which we were fearful of losing.

And here’s the thing – fear doesn’t exist at the level of Consciousness.  It’s totally a creation of the physical realm. It’s your body and the attached personality that experiences fear.  Your body-personality reacts to anything that moves it beyond it’s comfort zone as a threat. Even if it’s good for you. Your body can’t conceive of anything it hasn’t experienced. So even if it’s what it thinks it wants, it may not be able to handle it.

When you’re aligned as Consciousness, your little will to your greater Will, then you’re in total agreement with everything that is going on. In the present moment, there’s total balance and

When you’re in the present moment, fear dissipates. The body isn’t being forced ahead of itself, nor is it stuck in a past that it cannot change. In the present moment you can make choices and take action, initiate changes.

You aren’t your body or your personality. You are Consciousness, you are Presence. When you’re fully embodied, your body can relax. You as Consciousness can take care of things, and knows exactly what to do.

And often you find, when you’re in Presence, that you already have what you thought you needed, that you never lost that which you thought you’d die without.